ANENG V7 Multimetru Digital 6000 De Capete de acuzare Avometer Tranzistor Condensator Tester Multimetro Digital Profissional Lcr Metru Multimetr

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ANENG V7 6000 De Capete de acuzare TRUE RMS Digitale Multimetru Vierkante Val de Ieșire Stroom Întinde Weerstand Putere Frequentie Temperatuur Metru

Descriere produs:

1. Ușor de utilizat.Acest produs este un bazate pe baterie automată a domeniului multimetru digital cu true RMS.

2. Afișaj Digital.Instrument pentru 6000 de cuvinte display, ecran LCD, ecran de fundal, imagine clară.

3. LED-uri de iluminat.Pe partea din spate a multimetru, există o lampă cu LED-uri, care pot fi ușor de detectat în locuri întunecate.

4. Multimetru.Tensiune, curent, rezistență, on-off, diode, frecvență, non-contact a tensiunii poate fi folosit.

5. Oprire automată.Multimetru va închide automat după 15 minute.

Caietul de sarcini Funcție de Gama de Tensiune DC 600.0 mV/6.000 V/60.00 V/600.0 V/1000V Tensiune AC 600.0 mV/6.000 V/60.00 V/600.0 V/750V Curent continuu 6.000 Un/20.00/6.000 mA/60.00 mA/600.0 mA/600.0 uA AC Curent 6.000 Un/20.00/6.000 mA/60.00 mA/600.0 mA/600.0 uA Rezistență 600.0/6.000 k/60.00 k/600.0 k/6.000/M 60.00 M omh Capacitate 9.999 nF/99.99 nF/999.9 nF/9.999 uF/99.99 uF/999.9 nF/9.999 mF Frecvență 9.999 Hz/99.99 Hz/999.9 Hz/9.999 kHz/99.99 kHz/999.9 kHz/9.999 MHz Diodă da Continuitate da val Pătrat de ieșire 50Hz~5000Hz

Pachetul Include:

1 x ANENG V7 Multimetru

1 x Sac de Depozitare

1 x Un Set de Linii de Testare

1 x Manual de Utilizare

1 x Multifuncțional Linie de Test (16 in 1)

1 x cutie de Ambalare

Nume De Brand anengDimensiuni 176*91*47mmDC Curent 600uA/6mA/60mA/600mA/6A/20AUnic de măsurare a bateriei Curentul de sarcină de măsurare (1.5-9-12 ) VMăsurare Rezistență Interval 600.0/ 60.00/6.000 k/ 6.000 M / 600.0 kSemnal dreptunghiular de ieșire DaAlimentare AA*3Temperatura De Operare 0 - 40 ℃Funcția lanterna DaModul De Operare AUTO/Manual modebuzzer DaOrigine NC(de Origine)DIY Consumabile ELECTRICETip Display Afișaj DigitalNumărul De Model V7 MultimetruDe Măsurare Gama De Capacitate 99.99 nF /999.9 nF/9.999 F/99.99 F/999.9 FMăsurare Inductanță Serie noTensiune AC 600.0 mV / 6.000 V / 60.00 V / 600.0 V / 750V(Hz)AC Curent 600uA/6mA/60mA/600mA/6A/20Ațineți DaTensiune DC 600.0 mV / 6.000 V / 60.00 V / 600.0 V / 1000VDioda de măsurare DaNCV DaOn-off detectare DaDe Măsurare A Temperaturii DaCertificare NICI unuliluminarea de fundal a ecranului Da

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Vesnanasta 2021-01-30

The device is important, I recommend. I did not check everything, of course, but what I checked looks like the truth.

Scholl 666 2021-01-02

The goods were not delivered. The seller has repeatedly extended the period of protection of the goods. My patience ended three months later, after which I opened a dispute. The seller in turn challenged my claims and suggested waiting for more, recalling the difficulties of delivery in connection with the pandemic. Since the goods needed me a couple of months ago as a gift, and now it's no longer relevant-I rejected this proposal, and after a while, AliExpress decided to pay me back. Even if the goods will be delivered in the future-the money returned to me will serve only some compensation for my inconvenience, related to the goods that are not delivered.

Puregrunt4u 2020-10-16

Exactly what I wanted. Everything is perfect. Thank you

Mztheus Obina 2020-12-19

Everything works, only one fat but! In the kit, additional wires are damaged, or rather the connector where the nozzles are screwed. He wrote to the seller, at first he answered, but he further explained and did not want to answer my questions. We'll have to do it through the argument, not in love.

Pavel Cahok 2021-01-04

Very good product, very good quality a, recommended, how little I 've been able to use it has worked as expected

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