Piele naturala Sandale Bărbați de sex Masculin Pantofi de Vara Casual în aer liber Sandale piele de Vacă Pantofi de Plaja Două Utilizări sandale pentru Bărbați

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Căptușeală-Piele Naturala Tip Piele De VacaStil ConcisNumărul De Model lh5701Nume De Brand L·ZBENSETip De Element SandaleSe potrivesc Se potrivește în adevărată mărime, ia-ti de dimensiuni normaleMateriale De Captuseala Piele NaturalaMaterial De Talpa PUElement De Moda De cusutPartea Superioară-Din Piele Tip Piele De VacaSandale Tip De bazăÎnălțime Toc Plat (≤1 cm)Ocazie CasualModel Tip SolidBranț Material Porc SplitMaterial De Sus Piele NaturalaTip De Închidere Slip-OnNumele Departamentului Adult

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Wandering87 2020-11-24

Dear this product I never got home was canceled and we never knew what happened, they sent us links for tracking which we could not perform and open, and especially being able to navigate the page to find it, we have different languages which make processing even more difficult, I lost my money and you never gave me explanation, you put the claims on, messages which were answered saying whenever it was sent, in conclusion it was a scam, ask for my money back which it wasn't either. Now I take care of nievo the same item which was not sent to me either ybsegun you gave me back the money no I have proof that asinfue because they also do not send any proof of the return, it seems to me that read is missing too much of the transparency and being a company or sales page that helps buy in a safe way, Quiet and mostly reliable.

Clsarich 2020-09-23

I send receipt, excellent service, all perfect, thank you very much for everything, receive a warm greeting.

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